Thermal Imaging

Hamilton Wenham Green Thermal Imaging Program

Welcome and Thanks for your interest in “Zipping Up” your home. In an effort to help  homeowners save energy and reduce costs, Hamilton Wenham Green has partnered with Sagewell, Inc to offer a powerful tool to assess your building’s energy efficiency.

Late last winter, Sagewell Inc, a local leader in large-scale ground based infrared thermal imaging technology and analysis drove their specially equipped hybrid vehicles through our towns and captured multiple thermal images of all buildings that can be seen from the public streets. The thermal images visually highlight areas from outside the building where heat is escaping. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 36% to 51% of household energy waste results from leaking building envelopes. Through a grant from the Department of Energy Resources, Sagewell was able to partner with four towns to offer free analysis of many of these homes. Happily, Hamilton Wenham Green was able to offer the community support required to make Hamilton and Wenham eligible for the program.

Over 3000 buildings were able to be imaged, but only 1000 were able to be analyzed  through the grant. The buildings found to have the greatest opportunity for energy savings were notified by mail.  If your home was imaged but not analyzed, you will find an email address on the site where you can request your home to be imaged.  Sagewell has offered to image these homes free of charge. If you don’t have access to a computer or are having trouble accessing the information, the staff at the Hamilton Wenham Library can help. To see if your home was analyzed visit the Sagewell Site.This analysis is security protected so that only the building owner can see the results. Sagewell will not release building owner contact information to third parties without the permission of building owners.

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1B - Free Home Energy Assessment Performed by Home Performance Contractor
1A - Free Home Energy Assessment Performed by an Energy Auditor

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