Grow a Row

Tomatoes on the Vine | by Princes Milady

“We’d kill for more tomatoes!”   That’s actually what Deb Baker of the Acord Food Pantry told me, when I asked about their need for produce.  She said they need more of the basics: lettuce, carrots, tomatoes.

This is a problem we can help with!   In past years up to 40 local gardeners grew over 700 lbs of tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and more and donated it to Acord.  We have a wonderful commitment from Green Meadows Farm to supply us with tomato plants, broccoli seedlings and cucumber seedlings, and High Mowing Seeds donated packs of carrot and lettuce seeds.    

PS - Check out the story in the Salem Evening News about our Grow a Row program!  And this Blog post from the west coast:

Here’s how it works:
We give you seeds and seedlings, an instruction sheet and guidance.
You grow tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, broccoli or cucumbers - or other produce.
You bring the crop to the Acord Food Pantry, and they distribute it to local families in need. Please contact Martha Driscoll for more information.